[lsb-discuss] Thinking about future LSB features

Denis Silakov silakov at ispras.ru
Mon Feb 16 00:34:38 PST 2009

Robert Schweikert wrote:
>> Wouldn't the simplest solution be to simply link the Motif library
>> statically into the application, or bundle it with the executable? I
>> think it is not so big...
> I don't think Motif is LSB compliant, but I might be wrong. If it is not 
> that could of course be the alternate solution. 

Motif (at least libXm from opensuse 11.1) is not LSB compliant. It uses
some png and Xutf8* symbols that are not in LSB (though this doesn't
seem to be a big problem to add them), and it also uses libXp. The
latter, in turn, uses some non-LSB X11 symbols as well as non-LSB libXau

Another interesting technical thing with motif is that there is no
common soname of libXm among different distributions. Just look at this
short summary:

Debian 4 - libXm.so.2
RHEL 4 - libXm.so.2 and libXm.so.3
RHEL 5 - libXm.so.3 and libXm.so.4
SLES 10 - libXm.so.2 and libXm.so.3
openSUSE 11 - libXm.so.4
Mandriva 2009 - libXm.so.2

I'm not familiar with motif and can't say how these different versions
of libXm are compatible with each other, but at the first glance it
looks that applications compiled, for example, on Mandriva 2009 have no
chances to be executed on openSUSE 11.


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