[lsb-discuss] Thinking about future LSB features

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Wed Feb 18 08:38:10 PST 2009

> There are some deadly commercial rivalries in there, sadly.  

So a few vendors may have to grow up and find a forum to do that

> > Or just ship it with the app
> I had assumed that this approach would be messed up by Linux's 
> system of registering system shared libraries. Or is there a way
> to have private shared libraries with the same sonames as 
> registered ones?

You have a library search path and I believe you can build the app with
your own libraries earlier in the search path with -rpath. I'm no expert
here but the C library/ld.so linker folks could give you a definite
answer. You should be fine providing you don't link with a library from
another random vendor which itself links to a different Motif library -
which I don't think will be a problem here.


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