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Robert Schweikert robert.schweikert at mathworks.com
Wed Feb 18 10:58:26 PST 2009

I know of the following:

MATLAB and Catia use Motif

I suspect NX uses Motif based on John's e-mail address.


Theodore Tso wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 10:47:47AM -0500, Theodore Tso wrote:
>> How many commercial Motif-using products are still out there, BTW?
>> Has anyone taken a census?  How big of a problem is this really?
> According to Database Navigator, we currently have a grand total of
> *three* commercial products utilizing libXm:
> http://dev.linuxfoundation.org/navigator/browse/lib_single.php?cmd=list_lib_ints_app_usage&Lname=libXm&changearch=None&changever=3.2&changeui=None&changesize=None&changecategory=None&changevendor=None&changelicense=Proprietary
> * GroupWise	7.01	x86
> * IBM Communications Server	S390
> * sunstudio     12      x86
> It would be useful for those who are asserting that there are tons and
> tons of applications that utilize Motif to run the Linux Application
> Checker on them, and upload the results into the database, so we can
> evaluate exactly how many applications could certify if we added Motif
> to the LSB.  (If it turns out that a bunch of the applications need
> other non-LSB libraries, or worse yet, like certain enterprise
> databases, is very tightly tied to a specific kernel version --- or,
> as was mentioned on the call, tightly tied to a specific X server
> implementation --- then the effort of adding Motif to the LSB, at
> least for that application, is moot.)
> 					- Ted
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