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Robert Schweikert robert.schweikert at mathworks.com
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Packing Motif is not necessarily the problem. The problem is with all 
the stuff that Motif depends on that is not part of the LSB and that on 
may not be able to be shipped, or linked statically.


Jiri Dluhos wrote:
> On Wednesday 18 February 2009 19:58:26 Robert Schweikert wrote:
>> I know of the following:
>> MATLAB and Catia use Motif
> This is quite surprising to me - if I recall correctly, MATLAB 6 had all its 
> graphical interface in Java? (I'm quite sure because I have done some light 
> programming there and I remember interfacing with Java classes in the GUI.)
> Apart from this, MATLAB is a large project with many components and plugins; I 
> believe it won't suffer if there was a Motif library packed with it if needed.
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>     Jiri Dluhos
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