[lsb-discuss] LSB conf call notes for 2008-01-07

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Fri Jan 9 07:33:00 PST 2009

Attendees: Jiri, Jeff, Stew, Ron, Mats, Robert, Russ, Brian, Ted

LSB 4.0.  Jeff: will need to do a RC2.  Once that's done, will retest;
what are the criteria for release?  Mats: should target on the bug list.
 50-odd P1 and P2 bugs.  Should have an answer for all of them.  If we
do respin, some low-impact additions to headers for things that do
appear in the spec.

Mats: Also, Jeff Johnson did a fairly lengthy review of packaging spec;
might want to look at those, esp. his top priority one.  Russ: comment
from JJ: getting version comparisons unified between deb and LSB/RPM is
very close, would make life a lot easier.  Mats: we don't specify
version comparisons at all.  Jeff: lots of good feedback, may have to
focus on one or two really important issues.  Versions comp was Mats's
issue?  Mats: yes.  Russ: which bug?  Mats: bug 1462.  Russ: should be
straightforward ways to resolve the minor deviations between the package
systems.  Jeff: how quick can we come up with some proposed text?  Russ:
will ask Jeff Johnson.  Ron: not sure if he's up to speed, but is this
summarizable?  Russ: a number of threads on packaging; need to be
entered into Bugzilla.  Should not require binary changes (apart from
possible minor repackaging), mostly documentation.

Russ: multilib will be an issue going forward.  Jeff: we had an old
proposal, worked on by some Debian folks, might have been a little too
radical.  Might want a simpler solution.  Mats: definitely a 4.1 issue.

Ted: don't want to focus on packaging issues this late.  Jeff: version
comparison, maybe one other issue, is all we can do for 4.0.  Ted: as a
4.1 issue, should modularize the spec if we can, so it's easier to take
advantage of external resources.  "Release early, release often."  Give
contributors a way to see feedback quickly.  Russ: has been working on
this for two years.  Ted: there are issues, not easy, but should be
done.  Mats: we do have the ability to do this; the "books" project is
designed to make the spec more modular.  Push individual specs as their
own book.  Ted: process issues to think about. Mats: the specs can each
have their own version series.  Ted: like FHS; should probably reopen
that one, too.

Mats: on packaging, need to go through, triage.  Jeff: who?  Russ: Mats
and I, but after 4.0 ships.

Jeff: DTK Manager.  Several bugs related to "released-all" and lsb-setup.

Jeff: Failures.  No distro claims conformance to 4.0; will need at least
one update for things like lsb_release.  FHS issues.  Mats: may push
patches to the tests to disable those.  Jeff: use DTK Manager to turn
those off instead of patching the tests?  Ted: as long as we can get
that information in other workflows.  Stew: could use the tjreport
waiver info.  Jeff: has been unmaintained; update that from DTK Manager
data?  Mats: should look at generating the waiver data.  May want to be
careful; waivers are a little different.  Mats: should teach tjreport to
handle those.  Jeff: should our tet be version-independent?  Mats:
should be. Stew: in favor of using DTK Manager to suppress those.

Jeff: exec tests.  Stew: not seeing these in more recent distros.  Jeff:
maybe this is a SuSE-ism; if so, they will probably be motivated to fix
for app compatibility reasons.

Jeff: criteria for release?  Make it easy for the three major distros to
certify: RH, Novell, and Ubuntu.

Ted: when do we want to do a F2F?  Obvious time: collaboration summit.
Travel lockdowns are coming, so combining travel is a must.  Would be
after the collab summit.  Some people were thinking of meeting earlier
than the collab summit, but worried about travel approvals.  Robert: F2F
and Summit in same week would be better.  Before?  Ted: would be hard
personally (filesystem summit), but might still be good.  Avoiding the
weekend would be a good idea.  Everyone has the same idea; unless we
pick a weekend, we will run into conflicts.  Jeff: how many people are
under travel restrictions?  Robert: would only make one, probably the
F2F.  Jeff: later is OK; have time.  Ted: if we do one later, combining
with Plumbersconf and Linuxcon would probably be good.  Jeff: anyone
want to argue for before the collab summit?  No responses; perhaps we
should then get the schedule figured out and only do an earlier F2F if
we have to.  Ted: also, in favor of the collab summit, ISPRAS will be
more likely to attend if they're together.  Jeff: let's take to the
list.  Start with the schedule to do the F2F in the beginning of the
week, and discuss how that will affect the schedule, possibly doing the

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