[lsb-discuss] Changes to DTK Manager's problem database

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Sun Jan 18 20:04:04 PST 2009

I'm not sure I've got everything we need added to DTK Manager's problem
database, but I've added quite a bit.  I've also bumped the version of
the DTK Manager package to  Please let me know if I've done
anything wrong with this, or just correct my mistakes.

Of course, the exact changes are available in bzr.

You can see how the new data will react to various failures by looking
at the test results on the autotest page
(http://dev.linuxfoundation.org/autotest-results/).  The summary now
reports on failures unknown to DTK Manager, and the results for each run
have marks to indicate DTK Manager information.

"Quelled" tests are basically the same as waivers; we're not considering
those failures to disqualify from certification.

New information:

 - /etc/adjtime, which is quelled.

 - missing /usr/share/ppd, which is quelled.

 - the various multibyte issues with diff, fold, join, pr, sort,
unexpand, uniq, and find that we find on Debian-based distros often.
These are quelled.

 - testfoomaticrip 13, which has been unreliable on some occasions.
This one I'm not so sure about; the current failures we're seeing may be
related to something else, and not the usual problems with cupsd not
binding to an alternate port.  This is quelled.

 - the exec tests that fail because of ARG_MAX.  Not quelled.

 - the GtkTreeSelection failures caused by a Debian patch (bug 2170).
Not quelled.

 - the C++ T2C failures that report a signal 6.  Not quelled.

 - the lsb_release fail when it doesn't report supporting LSB 4.0.  Not

 - the printing fails when using the buggy foomatic 3.x.  Not quelled.

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