[lsb-discuss] failed to execute LSB4.0 perl testset in dtk-manager-2

Cao, Jenny Q jenny.q.cao at intel.com
Thu Jul 2 19:55:40 PDT 2009

Ted and Stew
	Thanks for your proposal, I forward the discussion to [Moblin-Compliance-tool] mailing list and add you 2 in the CC list. We could  discuss with the Moblin-Compliance team.
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On Thu, Jul 02, 2009 at 06:09:11AM -0400, Stew Benedict wrote:
> > Currently, only after the perl-test are failed to execute, User may find missing the dependency packages by checking the failure log.
> >
> > Olver test is in the same situation as perl-test.
> >   
> Yes, olver has some deps that aren't LSB requirements, like
> perl-XML-Simple, and java (trial use).

This should probably be moved over to the moblin-compliance-tools list
instad of the lsb-discuss list, but something that we should probably
do is to make sure that all of the Olver and other DtK dependencies
are actually available in Moblinv2 --- and that this is something that
is documented.

In the LSB world, we have the concept of dependencies required by the
test suites which aren't required by the LSB --- which in practice
isn't a problem since these dependencies are provided by most
distributions, even if they aren't guaranteed by the LSB as being
present for the benefit of ISV applications.

In the Moblin world, where some OSV's may have a restricted set of
packages intended for netbooks, mobile internet devices, car
entertainment systems, etc., we probably need to more explicitly
document this requirements of the test framework to simplify the
Moblin certification process.

						- Ted

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