[lsb-discuss] How does one actually find the LSB specification on the LF website?

Mark Brown bmark at us.ibm.com
Thu Jul 23 09:14:57 PDT 2009


I had a co-worker approach the LF website "cold", looking for a copy of 
the current LSB specification. He could not find nor any instructions on 
how to get it, and contacted me, frustrated (since I had given him a copy 
of the last version).

So, I went to the website, looking, and could not find a way see/download 
it either. The "LSB" link under "Stay Current" is most frustrating, as it 
_talks_ about the LSB but you can't find a way to _get_ a copy. 
"Publications" is just as bad.  I knew enough about the old website(s) 
that I could find links to LSB 3.2 in the "old wiki", but that's no help 
to a newcomer.

So how does someone get a copy, and can we make sure that information is 
visible somehow?

Mark Brown/Austin/IBM

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