[lsb-discuss] Possible to get rid of /usr/bin/sendmail requirement in LSB 4.1?

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Fri Jun 12 11:33:11 PDT 2009

O> One problem which I have with the LSB is the requirement of 
> /usr/bin/sendmail. This pulls in a mail server system with daemon on 
> many systems, taking resources, opening a possible security hole, asking 
> question to non-tech users during the MTA installation, ... 

LSB isn't responsible for sloppy distribution designers (thankfully ;))

If your distribution opens up incoming mail by default, or asks end users
tech questions during MTA install then file distro bugs.

The daemon thing is a bit tricker - but a distro can also address that if
it wishes by firing mail passes up from cron. You end up needing a timed
pass of some sort because mail is queued but you can certainly do it from
cron, and you can also tell mailer daemons to exit once the queue is

So these are not LSB problems, but implementation issues.


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