[lsb-discuss] FW: HAL is in maintenance mode

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Tue Jun 30 08:08:31 PDT 2009

Forwarded from elsewhere, this is perhaps useful to archive into
our LSB "body of knowledge" (or at least this mailing list archive :)

> Kay Sievers wrote on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 10:07 PM
>> Hey,
>> to clarify some confusion about HAL:
>> The goal is to get entirely rid of HAL, at least on Linux
>> systems. We will no longer accept any new features, only bug fixes,
>> or hal-info entries and fixes. There will be no future
>> release with major new features, or support for new device types.
>> If distros ship bug fixes for the current HAL in their
>> packages, please send them now, so we can integrate them
>> and include them in a new maintenance release. If distros already
>> added new features in their packages, please consider to dropping
>> them, or let us find out how to possibly integrate them now, if its
>> simple enough. 
>> The development has moved and focuses on udev and the
>> DeviceKit-* projects, please integrate new features there.
>> There is a separation between udev and the higher layer
>> projects: Udev will exist on almost every Linux system,
>> and low-level users can enumerate all current devices and
>> listen to events with libudev. Applications can expect
>> udev to always be active on the system.
>> For higher-level projects there are specific susbsystem
>> services, like DeviceKit-disks, DeviceKit-power,
>> NetworkManager, PulseAudio, ... They all connect to the
>> system device information with libudev, but provide their
>> higher-level interfaces. 
>> Unlike HAL, applications can not always expect that all
>> these services are available. Customized systems or large servers may
>> not be able to run them, or may not even want to install
>> them for whatever reasons. Usual desktop installations
>> will likely pull-in most of these services as
>> dependencies though.
>> Thanks,
>> Kay
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