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Robert Schweikert rschweikert at novell.com
Mon Mar 9 11:26:34 PDT 2009


I guess I should have read to the end of the sentence first.....oh well.

6th paragraph last sentence reads:

"....that,after some additional testing and a little tweaking, that .."

should be

"....that,after some additional testing and a little tweaking, the .."

1st sentence, 1st paragraph under "Technical Aspects of AppChecker"
makes no sense to me.

"AppChecker works by analyzing the C/C++ symbols (mostly functions with
some global variables) and libraries required by an application that are
satisfied by dynamically linked libraries provided by a distribution."

I suggest:

"AppChecker works by analyzing the symbols in shared libraries or
executables. An attempt is made to resolve the symbols against symbols
provided by a distribution, the LSB spec, and other libraries that are
part of the application being tested."

2nd sentence:

"Since most executables are not shipped with debugging information, it
is not possible to make sure that type information expected by the
application matches the type of the object provided by the
distribution's libraries."

I suggest:

"Since most applications are not shipped with debug information it is
not possible for AppChecker to verify that the type information for used
APIs matches the declaration for the interface provided by a
distributions libraries or as specified by the LSB."


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