[lsb-discuss] AppChecker 4.0.2 - comments

Konstantin Vlasov vlasov at ispras.ru
Wed Mar 11 03:02:57 PDT 2009

Thank you very much for the feedback!

RS> - In the "Component Selection browser" I think it would be more
RS> convenient to not show the hidden files by default. The reasoning is
RS> that it is unlikely that an app or binary to be checked is a hidden file.

Yes,  I  think  that  this  is  a  good idea. It will be implemented in the next
AppChecker release.

RS> - The starting directory tree for selection displayed is the "root"
RS> directory, i.e. "/". I agree that this is as good a choice as any.
RS> However, displaying the word "root" as the location is confusing as it
RS> might lead users to think they are looking at the super user home
RS> directory. The double meaning of the word is unfortunate. I'd suggest to
RS>  simply display "/" instead of "root". This remove any ambiguity.

The  problem  here  is that each part of the path is a link opening the specific
subdirectory, and the short "/" is very hard to click on. Besides, it would look
strange  if  the  "linked" "/" element was followed immediately by an "unlinked"
one supposed to delimit path elements. I also considered the following design:
_/_ _home_ / _user_ / _subdir_
that  is  the  first "/" is a link to the root, all others are plain delimiters,
but  for me it did not look clear enough (aside from the above-mentioned problem
with too narrow clickable link).

For now I did not find any better solution, but I agree that the name "root" can
be  misleading.  Maybe, display it as "<root>" or something like that instead of
just "root"? What do you think of it?

RS> - It would be nice to get a text entry field into the "Component
RS> Selection browser" to allow the user to enter a path, rather than having
RS> to click through the hierarchy.

It  is  possible  to enter a path directly in the Components editbox on the main
Application  Check  page  (or  even  several).  If  you  do so and then open the
Component  Selection  dialog,  it  will  read  them and automatically select the
corresponding  items, so they will not be cleared if you try to add something to
the already entered list.

RS> - The application name field is cleared either when the "Component
RS> Selection browser" is started or exited. The value of the field should
RS> remain. I would consider this a bug.

Hm, I cannot reproduce it here. What is supposed to be is that if the Name field
is empty, and the user selected a single file/dir in the Component Selection and
pressed  Finish,  the Name is filled with the name of the selected component. In
all other cases (e.g. when Name is not empty) this field is not modified at all.

Could  you  please  provide  some more details? What is your OS/architecture and
browser version?

Konstantin Vlasov
Linux Verification Center, ISPRAS
web:    http://www.linuxtesting.org
e-mail: vlasov at ispras.ru

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