[lsb-discuss] AppChecker 4.0.2 - comments

Konstantin Vlasov vlasov at ispras.ru
Wed Mar 11 07:33:16 PDT 2009

>> For now I did not find any better solution, but I agree that the name "root" can
>> be  misleading.  Maybe, display it as "<root>" or something like that instead of
>> just "root"? What do you think of it?

RS> In the GNOME GUI world they started to label the "root" directory as
RS> "filesystem", maybe we should follow this naming convention?

For  me  it  looks  a  bit  too long. What about simple "fs"? Does it look clear
enough?  I'm also considering possibility to use some image instead of text here
(e.g. like in the same GNOME, a hard drive icon).

>> RS> - The application name field is cleared either when the "Component
>> RS> Selection browser" is started or exited. The value of the field should
>> RS> remain. I would consider this a bug.


RS> I tested on openSUSE 11.1 with Firefox 3.0.7.

RS> I filled in the name, the started the component browser, selected 3
RS> libraries in the component browser and when I got back to the "checking"
RS> page the name was gone.

Unfortunately,  I'm still unable to reproduce it even in the same environment as
yours. :-( I also looked through all the code and found nothing that could clean
the  Name  field.  Its  value  is  changed  in only one place (processing of the
"Finish" button) and only under conditions that the value is not empty.

Is the problem reproducable on your system or just happened once?
When  you  pressed  "Finish"  in  the  Component  Selector,  did  the 3 selected
libraries appear in the Components list of the Application Check page?
If you can reproduce the bug, could you please open the error console of Firefox
(menu  command  Tools  ->  Error  Console)  and  check  whether it contains some
information  about  problems  FF  got running the AppChecker code, and post them

Konstantin Vlasov
Linux Verification Center, ISPRAS
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