[lsb-discuss] AppChecker 4.0.2 - comments

Robert Schweikert rschweikert at novell.com
Wed Mar 11 11:48:54 PDT 2009

Konstantin Vlasov wrote:
>>> For now I did not find any better solution, but I agree that the name "root" can
>>> be  misleading.  Maybe, display it as "<root>" or something like that instead of
>>> just "root"? What do you think of it?
> RS> In the GNOME GUI world they started to label the "root" directory as
> RS> "filesystem", maybe we should follow this naming convention?
> For  me  it  looks  a  bit  too long. What about simple "fs"? Does it look clear
> enough? 

I think "fs" will not be sufficient for most users.

 I'm also considering possibility to use some image instead of text here
> (e.g. like in the same GNOME, a hard drive icon).

I think this would be a very good solution.

>>> RS> - The application name field is cleared either when the "Component
>>> RS> Selection browser" is started or exited. The value of the field should
>>> RS> remain. I would consider this a bug.
> <skipped>
> RS> I tested on openSUSE 11.1 with Firefox 3.0.7.
> RS> I filled in the name, the started the component browser, selected 3
> RS> libraries in the component browser and when I got back to the "checking"
> RS> page the name was gone.
> Unfortunately,  I'm still unable to reproduce it even in the same environment as
> yours. :-( I also looked through all the code and found nothing that could clean
> the  Name  field.  Its  value  is  changed  in only one place (processing of the
> "Finish" button) and only under conditions that the value is not empty.
> Is the problem reproducable on your system or just happened once?

I was unable to reproduce this now. Oh well.

> When  you  pressed  "Finish"  in  the  Component  Selector,  did  the 3 selected
> libraries appear in the Components list of the Application Check page?
> If you can reproduce the bug, could you please open the error console of Firefox
> (menu  command  Tools  ->  Error  Console)  and  check  whether it contains some
> information  about  problems  FF  got running the AppChecker code, and post them
> here?

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