[lsb-discuss] LSB/OpenJDK GSOC Draft

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 16:49:38 PDT 2009

With that addition the project proposal is great. Please post it on the 
ideas list:



Robert Schweikert wrote:
> I think a bit more detail on the Java issue may be helpful to set the
> context. Maybe something like this:
> "
> Including Java as a language in the LSB similar to the support of C and
> C++ has been difficult due to some non technical issues. As a community
> we recognize the importance of Java and would like to provide a pathway
> for Java application to become LSB certified. Therefore, the creation of
> an LSB certifiable JRE is very important to community and a number of
> Java application providers.
> "
> Followed by what you already have.
> Robert
> Theodore Ts'o wrote:
>> OK, here's the draft.  Please comment!
>> 					- Ted
>> Make OpenJDK LSB Compliant
>> The Sun Java runtime environment uses a number of interfaces which are
>> not yet in the LSB 4.0.  A list of those interfaces can be found in the
>> LSB Database Navigator[1].  In some cases, LSB compliance issues can be
>> easily fixed by simply compiling Java Runtime using differnet compiler
>> options, or by using the lsbcc wrapper to gcc.  In other cases, simple
>> substitions (using posix_memalign instead of memalign) is all that is
>> required.  However, not all non-LSB libraries and interfaces used by
>> OpenJDK will be as easy to solve.
>> [1]  http://dev.linuxfoundation.org/navigator/browse/app.php?cmd=display-by-name&changeArch=None&Aname=Sun%20JRE
>> The goal of this project is to analyze the open source OpenJDK[2] Java
>> Run-Time Environment and create patches so that it can be built as an
>> LSB-complaint application.  The student who applies for this project
>> should be familiar with C and C++ programming, and enough Java
>> experience to be able to run Java test programs.  Familiarity with the
>> LSB project and with the OpenJDK projects is highly desirable.
>> [2] http://openjdk.java.net
>> Mentor: Jeff Licquia(?), the LSB work group
>> Desired Knowledge: C and C++, Java, experience with LSB and/or OpenJDK
>> Code license: GPL V2 with Classpath exception
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