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Fri May 22 13:50:42 PDT 2009

Just to clarify one item that may be conspicuous by its absence, we are also working on a couple of ways we might be able to deal with Java use being an inhibitor to app certification. To the degree we can work this outside of the LSB spec itself and perhaps try to settle on something before February 2010, we will pursue it outside of the 4.1 roadmap. 

Stay tuned. 
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>>> Robert Schweikert <rschweikert at novell.com> 5/22/2009 03:32 PM >>> 

Based on our discussions at the Collaboration Summit I propose that we consider the following features and release date for LSB 4.1

Target Release date: February 15, 2010

Target Features:

- Include any symbols to be found missing during ISV adoption push in 4.0 time frame
- Best effort dynamic linking
- Bug fixes
- Progress on LSB modularization framework (spec, potentially prototype impl)
- Uplift CUPS
- Include SANE

With a target release date of February 15 we should be reasonably close to next years LF Collaboration Summit to build additional enthusiasm in the ISV community and help increase ISV participation at the LF Collaboration Summit.

With this timing as the guiding principal and considering past experience with respect to the time it takes to get releases ready and add features I think the proposed list of features is realistic and achievable.

For the CUPS uplift and the inclusion of SANE we will probably want to enlist help from the Open Printing work group. AFAIK this help was offered during the joint session of the LSB and Open Printing work group at the LF Collaboration Summit.


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