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Robert Schweikert rschweikert at novell.com
Fri May 22 14:10:40 PDT 2009

Wichmann, Mats D wrote:
> Robert Schweikert wrote:
>> All,
>> Based on our discussions at the Collaboration Summit I propose that
>> we consider the following features and release date for LSB 4.1 
>> Target Release date: February 15, 2010
>> Target Features:
>> - ALSA
>> - Include any symbols to be found missing during ISV adoption push in
>> 4.0 time frame 
>> - Best effort dynamic linking
>> - Bug fixes
>> - Progress on LSB modularization framework (spec, potentially
>> prototype impl) 
>> - Uplift CUPS
>> - Include SANE
> I think first we need to settle on the distribution targets.
I'd say SLE 11, Lenny, etc., i.e. the newer distros.
> If certain older distributions are still being considered, it
> limits the scope of what is possible (e.g. the cups uplift;
> whether or not to fold in dbus which you don't mention above).
I left dbus, Java, you name it, out because I thought the effort of
getting it in was too big to meet the targeted release date.

My personal preference is that we have a more measured release and hit a
promised date as compared to than having super huge/feature packed
releases and slip. We've had a couple of releases now that required a
monster effort and were still late, I think we should try something
different. Eventually dbus will be a topic, no question, hopefully with
modularization progress we will not have to do all the work ourselves.
> also, does "missing symbols" extend to missing libraries too?
This is again an issue related to the effort is takes. With missing
symbols I basically mean those symbols where the library is already part
of the LSB but we didn't include a certain symbol for whatever reason. I
think including a whole new library opens the flood gate for too much
work and missing the date again.


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