[lsb-discuss] LSB -- next 4.1

Robert Schweikert rschweikert at novell.com
Wed May 27 08:18:42 PDT 2009

> It's the support library for GNU OpenMP, and it's needed by any OpenMP 
> program built with GCC. GCC supports OpenMP from GCC 4.3 onwards. I
> don't 
> know how closely versions of the OpenMP library are tied to versions of 
> GCC. 

The implementation of openMP (openMP library) is compiler specific. Thus
specifying libgmop in the LSB will not help other compilers (Intel,
Portlan Group etc.) as they have their own implementation of openMP.

IMHO we want to have the various openMP RTE libraries be LSB compliant
such that they can be shipped.


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