[lsb-discuss] What happened to lanana.org?

Martin Wilck martin.wilck at ts.fujitsu.com
Wed Sep 9 00:26:19 PDT 2009

Hello all,

Fujitsu has recently posted a request to lanana.org to register the LSB 
provider name "fujitsu", but has received no response. I had a look and 
found that the last update of the LSB provider list was on April 23, 
2008. Torben Mathiasen, the said maintainer of lanana.org, doesn't seem 
to be employed at HP any more.

Can anybody please tell me who maintains lanana.org now, and what we 
should do to get out entries updated?

Best regards and thanks,

Dr. Martin Wilck
PRIMERGY System Software Engineer
x86 Server Engineering

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33106 Paderborn, Germany

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