[lsb-discuss] Missing symbols in LSB ALSA

Stew Benedict stewb at linux-foundation.org
Tue Apr 6 06:25:37 PDT 2010

Daniel Harrison wrote:
> Also after pulling new bzr changes to the test scripts, I found this 
> when I ran req-todo.sh:
> snd_ctl_elem_info_get_type
> snd_pcm_hwsync
> snd_pcm_sw_params_set_xfer_align
> NEEDED:  717
> DONE:   1083 (151.05%)
> TODO:   -366
> And when I actually compared the library symbols to the tests, 369 were 
> missing (366 + those 3).
> Is this intentional?
After waking up more fully, it seems the "DONE" side is high there. On 
my machine I have 723 as "NEEDED", and once I finished up the last few 
today and the 3 deprecated symbols, I have -3 as "TODO". Scripts could 
be more robust, but they were just something quick'n'dirty to be able to 
manage what needed to be done, as diffs of the html are difficult to 
digest (for me). It could be you have changes in your tree that were 
never commited, with more interfaces than I've marked up?

Stew Benedict
Linux Foundation

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