[lsb-discuss] produce lsb compatible binary(bootloader)

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Wed Apr 7 09:36:22 PDT 2010

Sorry I know it's going to break "threading" but I've filled in a subject line since it was empty

Yesterday night after applying a major update, kubuntu(karmic 9.10) was crashed badly. Fortunately I was able to recover all the data. This time I have decided to use VirtualBox on XP as a host.

In short, I have tried couple of things but I was not able to produce something useful. I guess my skill sets are major drawback. I did all the changes mentioned in all the post related to this topic.

After doing a fresh install of kubuntu karmic 9.10, I installed packages mentioned below. Am I missing something here?

lsb-appchk3 -3.2.2-1ubuntu1(i386)
lsb-build-base3 -3.2.2~pre-1(i386)
lsb-build-cc3 - 3.2.0-1 (i386)

Changing CC & CXX to lsbcc and lsbc++ in makefile doesn't help. I would really appreciate if some one more experienced could help me out by producing necessary files with instructions in order to produce lsb compatible binary(bootloader). Yes, I know that I am asking to serve the dish so that I can enjoy it but trust me I don't know anything to cook here and I am really hungry. :-)

lsbcc & lsbc++ resides in /usr/bin.

This is a really a showstopper right now and it must be solved to move forward.
I'd suggest you use our packages for this.  To enable this, let me give you the Ubuntu GUI way:

select System > Adminstration > Software Sources
give your password when asked for
select Other Software
click Add
enter the following line exactly:
deb http://ftp.linuxfoundation.org/pub/lsb/repositories/debian lsb-4.0 main

OR, manually, just create a new file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d called lsb.list
with those identical contents.

now install:  lsb-task-sdk and lsb-task-app-testkit

ubuntu will complain at you about these, you'll have to say you do trust them from
untrusted sources. this will install all of the necessary packages at the current best
(released) version.  as you see, the debian versions of these packages are stuck
on an old version of somewhat unknown quality.  the 4.0 tools will let you target any specific
version of LSB you care to.

I thought from the analysis people had done, filling in appropriate values for CC
and CXX should have just worked?  I don't have a link any longer to your current
files, so I can't just provide you a mod...

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