[lsb-discuss] Google Summer of Code 2010 - Please ASSIGN (not propose) mentors to the students

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 11:41:21 PDT 2010


on Tuesday morning the distribution of the student slots to the 
mentoring organizations will take place. The number of slots which each 
organization gets depends mainly on how many student applications with 
assigned mentor (not only proposed mentors) they have.

So please ASSIGN a mentor to each good application of your work area.

On the page with the list of student proposals


all good applications must appear in the second list ("Student Proposals 
already under review sent to The Linux Foundation") and in the column 
"Mentor" must be a name of a mentor, NOT simply "N Proposed". To assign 
a mentor to a student click on the proposal in the list to get the 
proposal's page, there, under "Admin options" select the desired mentor 
from the list. If you want to mentor and you are not listed, see my 
previous posting on how to get mentor.

If you do not mentor by yourself but the one who should mentor the 
student is not available in the moment so that he cannot do the steps to 
get mentor and to assign himself to the student until end of Monday, 
please assign yourself as mentor to get the student considered when the 
slots get distributed. The mentor assignment can be changed at any time.


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