[lsb-discuss] [Bug 1664] add ptrace to lsb

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--- Comment #16 from Jeff Licquia <licquia at freestandards.org> 2010-12-02 10:21:49 PST ---
It appears we might be missing some of the native constants on some
architectures in the native headers:

<mats> GETREGS/SETREGS missing on ppc32/64
 GETFPREGS/SETFPREGS missing on ia64, ppc32/64
 GETPFXREGS/SETFPXREGS missing on all five

("All five" includes s390 and s390x as well.)

I've confirmed at least that /usr/include/sys/ptrace.h doesn't include the
GET/SETFPXREGS constants.  This is odd; usually, those are hidden behind
#defines instead of patched out entirely.  We need to find out what the story
is before 4.1 releases.

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