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ruizhe zhao ruizhe.z.g at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 18:38:36 PST 2010

My name is Ruizhe, I'm a Chinese, and my english is not pretty good, so I so
so so sorry
if I stage some bungling presentations, and any correction is appreciated.

A sentence make me in trouble when I reading the LSB-Core-Generic 3.0
document, it is:

3.3 LSB Application Conformance
    * It shall not use any values for a named interface that are reserved
for vendor

Does it means that as following sample code and comments?

ret = some_fun ( VALUES, ... );

Is the some_fun reserved for vendor extension? and if I want my app to be a
application and I shoud NOT call any interface that are reserved for vendor

But if my guess is right, what is the *values* meaning?

Thanks for any suggestion.
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