[lsb-discuss] GCC version too new for LSB 4.0?

Craig Scott craig.scott at csiro.au
Mon Dec 27 22:15:02 PST 2010

As a footnote to my previous email, I also tried building Qt 4.7.1 against the latest LSB 4.1 candidate on a Fedora 14 machine. I see the following in the build logs after every compiler invocation:

unrecognized gcc version: "4.5.1"

I take it that the LSB packages don't yet support such a recent version of GCC? Any likelihood of this changing soon? I know Fedora 14 is not LSB certified (indeed, none of the Fedora's are), but that should not prevent the LSB packages from the linux foundation from being used to do code development at least.

Dr Craig Scott
Computational Software Engineering Team Leader, CSIRO (CMIS)
Melbourne, Australia

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