[lsb-discuss] The new Web interface to manage ProblemDB for distribution tests

Vladimir Rubanov vrub at ispras.ru
Wed Feb 17 08:33:47 PST 2010



We have implemented a web system for maintaining the problem database for
distribution tests.


The problem_db format was enhanced, and it is supported by the recently
released Distribution Checker X.0.1.9 ( for LSB, for Moblin).
Old problem_db will be supported in the new versions of Distro Checker for
compatibility for a while.


You can look at the system here:



Home page allows you to search for problem records using various criteria.


In order to modify or add records, one should log in. Use your common
linuxfoundation.org account credentials. Only a restricted list of users are
granted to log in. Contact us if you aren't allowed to log in.


A few words about general workflow with this system. When you modify or add
some info, your changes are saved in the mysql database, but aren't applied
to the main problem_db file. When you're done with your changes you need to
commit them (you will see a "Commit" link in the top right menu). The
changes are committed to the bazaar. Once you've committed the changes the
problem_db will automatically become available for online update from within
Distro Checker. To avoid edit conflicts, no one is allowed to make changes
when some person have done some edits until all the changes are commited or


A formal description of the new problem_db file format can be found here:



IMPORTANT: from now, the ProblemDB managed in this way becomes the central
(master) place for maintaining the problemDB. All changes should be done
using the new web interface.


If you have any problems or suggestions, please inform us.





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