[lsb-discuss] Under what licenses are lsb-build-base, lsb-build-c++ and lsb-build-cc distributed

shompola at bredband.net shompola at bredband.net
Mon Jan 11 04:03:28 PST 2010


I would like to know under what licenses lsb-build-base, lsb-build-c++ and lsb-
build-cc are distributed. 
In addition to that, we are building lsb-build-cc from source code and I 
wonder if we deliver it in one package with pre-packaged lsb-build-base and lsb-
build-c++, do I need to copy the LICENCE file to the lsb-build-cc directory as 
it is not included after I have built lsb-build-cc? LICENCE file is already 
included with lsb-build-base and lsb-build-c++.

Thanks in advance!

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