[lsb-discuss] ioctl in LSB

Tobias Evert XT tobias.xt.evert at ericsson.com
Wed Jan 13 02:14:14 PST 2010


We have a software product that uses Poco (http://pocoproject.org/). In
our efforts to make our product LSB compliant we have tried to build
Poco with an LSB compiler. We have run into some trouble with ioctl,
Poco calls ioctl() with the FIONBIO constant which is not included in

Why is this constant not included? From the documentation about ioctl it
seems that the LSB have a limited and carefully selected set of command
options for the ioctl-command, so I guess there is a reason for the
exclusion of FIONBIO. Is there an alternative way of achieving the same
thing that is available to LSB compliant applications? From what I can
find, using fcntl() with O_NONBLOCK should work, since this is a POSIX
command I guess it is available in LSB? 

-Tobias Evert 

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