[lsb-discuss] Uplift to OPVP 1.0 in LSB 4.1?

Stew Benedict stewb at linux-foundation.org
Thu Jan 14 10:07:23 PST 2010

Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Hi,
> at OpenPrinting we are currently approving OpenPrinting Vector (OPVP) as 
> official standard, and so the question came up on which version of OPVP 
> are we in the printing requirements of the LSB and whether we can uplift 
> to 1.0 if needed/possible.
> In Ghostscript OPVP 1.0 was introduced with the 8.63 release in the 
> beginning of August 2008. Do all the enterprise distros under 
> consideration of the LSB already ship Ghostscript 8.63? If so, I suggest 
> that we uplift to OPVP 1.0.
Currently the spec language only says this with regard to OPVP (in the 
GS page), no mention of a required version:


Contains the name of the device used to render the page, as a string.

The list of available devices can be discovered with the -h parameter, 
as described above. At least the following devices must be present: cups 
(CUPS Raster), ijs, pxlmono, pxlcolor, and opvp (OpenPrinting Vector).


We actually package a build of opvpnull in the tests to be able to test 
this functionality, as we don't require distributions to have the 
driver. opvpnull-0.0.1.tar.gz


I know, betaspecs isn't really appropriate, but that's where the LDN 
link took me.

Stew Benedict
Linux Foundation

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