[lsb-discuss] New major release of the T2C "Arnor" Test Development Framework

Vladimir Rubanov vrub at ispras.ru
Tue Jan 19 09:53:20 PST 2010



We have finished a new major release of our open-source test development
framework - T2C 2.0.0 "Arnor". The framework helps to automate a lot of
tedious tasks in development of conformance tests allowing test developers
to focus on test logic rather than on numerous auxiliary issues. T2C
(Template2Code) system is based on using special templates to generate
various files constituting a complete test suite: sources of the tests,
makefiles, files needed to manage the tests with a particilar test execution
frameworks, etc.


Key features of T2C:

*	Support for development of parameterized tests fully customizable
via special T2C templates thus allowing having multiple test cases coming
from the same reusable sources of the test.
*	Support for linking each check in a test to the requirement that is
checked there (traceability of requirements for conformance testing).
*	Integration with existing testing frameworks (currently TETWare Lite
and GLib Testing Framework are supported) - it is possible for T2C to
generate test sources compatible with different testing frameworks from the
same .t2c files.
*	Support for generating 'minimal' standalone (without the need for a
test execution framework) sources of the tests which can be very useful for
debugging the tests, profiling, preparing demo-examples, etc.


T2C distribution package is available at Sourceforge.net: 



T2C Manual is now available in various formats 


*	HTML - multiple pages (t2c-doc-2.0.0-2.tar.bz2)
*	HTML - all in one page (t2c-doc-single-html-2.0.0-2.tar.bz2)
*	PDF (t2c-doc-2.0.0-2.pdf)


The T2C examples referred to in the documentation are also available in a
separate archive (see
les/). The T2C distribution (t2c-2.0.0_final.tar.bz2) already includes the
documentation (HTML format, multiple pages) and the examples.


Please note that most of the new LSB tests developed in the recent years
have been developed using this technology. The technology was also presented
in a number of conferences with very positive feedback and proved
comparative study.


We encourage using the framework for developing new conformance and
functional tests both for LSB and for any other API/ABI specifications. We
can provide basic support for developers that would use this framework.


Looking forward to feedback,




Vladimir Rubanov, Ph.D.

Head of Operating Systems Department at ISPRAS

Director of the Russian Linux Verification Center



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