[lsb-discuss] mcheck.h and arpa/nameser.h do not exist in LSB libc

Denis Silakov silakov at ispras.ru
Thu Jul 1 03:16:33 PDT 2010

As for mcheck.h, I think it is believed that its routines (mcheck,
mprobe, etc.) are useful for debugging only and not used in binaries
deployed to end users. Such functions are not normally considered as LSB

On 07/01/10 13:53, shompola at bredband.net wrote:
> Hi,
> I was configuring rsynch (it is not LSB compliant however i can build
> it just fine) and it warned me that mcheck.h and arpa/nameser.h were
> rejected by the preprocessor as it can't find them. I can not see them
> being included with the lsb c libs I have installed. Has LSB
> deliberately excluded these two? They are present in glibc-devel but I
> should not include the headers there right?
> Thanks in advance!


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