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Wed Jun 2 16:03:53 PDT 2010

One, if we would include Java as a requirement then we are practically
making distribution vendors dependent on Sun/Oracle and their
certification of Java. This is not acceptable. Two, with the
certification suite not being open source distribution vendors would be
tied to proprietary technology, also an unacceptable situation.

With these hurdles we could only describe something that looks like
Java, smells like Java but doesn't necessarily have to be called Java.
That's a bit vague and weak for the LSB.

So for now we continue to work on two approaches to the Java problem.
One is to continue the investigation of getting Java into the LSB, this
is more or less monitoring the state of the test suite, certification
requirements to be named Java etc. The second approach is to create an
LSB compliant JRE. Developers can than ship the LSB compliant JRE and
have the application, which includes the JRE, LSB certified. Patches to
create an LSB compliant JRE exist, last years GSoC project, but some
work remains.

In addition there is of course the JRE implementation problem. Most
application developers appear to be married to a given implementation of
the JRE, IBM, Sun, openJDK, you name it.

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