[lsb-discuss] Announce: LSB now on facebook and twitter

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Thu Mar 25 14:59:20 PDT 2010

In an effort to increase ways to keep track of what LSB is up to,
the project now has a small presence on both Facebook and Twitter.

The details are:
"Linux Standard Base" page on Facebook
"linuxstdbase" on Twitter

The latter is set up to feed from postings on the former,
which means the tweets will be even more terse than usual :)

It's not my intent in pushing this stuff (nod to Jeff Licquia
for helping out with setup, by the way) to move LSB activity
away from its home on linuxfoundation.org, LDN, the LSB wiki,
this mailing list, and the other traditional venues. But we get 
little enough activity here that I'd also like to experiment with
whatever might grow out of trying to widen the reach: maybe more
people can hear about LSB activities, maybe it's easier to keep 
track of "events" like code and spec betas and releases, etc.  

For the time being, all we're doing here is posting announcements
on the Facebook page and letting them gateway onto Twitter.
But I've not shut everything else down, so the usual mechanisms
are available: friends can write on the Facebook page wall,
for example; the forums exist, and so on.

I've intentionally not used a word like "nurture" - we've
prepared the ground, but not decided to water, weed, and all the
rest just yet.  I know this is not the Best Practice for how
you build through these media forms, but I'd just like to see 
what happens and if anybody wants to take it in any particular 
direction, then we can decide from there what to do. Baby steps.

Any suggestions, proposals, volunteerism, etc. most welcome.
Heck, criticisms too!

Have fun,

-- mats

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