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--- Comment #11 from Mats Wichmann <mats at freestandards.org> 2010-10-08 12:39:40 PDT ---
These are the devchk-lsbcc complaints (x86_64)

Checking data structures in sys/ptrace.h
Error: Constant not found: PTRACE_O_TRACESYSGOOD
Error: Constant not found: PTRACE_O_TRACEFORK
Error: Constant not found: PTRACE_O_TRACEVFORK
Error: Constant not found: PTRACE_O_TRACECLONE
Error: Constant not found: PTRACE_O_TRACEEXEC
Error: Constant not found: PTRACE_O_TRACEVFORKDONE
Error: Constant not found: PTRACE_O_TRACEEXIT
Error: Constant not found: PTRACE_O_MASK
Error: Constant not found: PTRACE_EVENT_FORK
Error: Constant not found: PTRACE_EVENT_VFORK
Error: Constant not found: PTRACE_EVENT_CLONE
Error: Constant not found: PTRACE_EVENT_EXEC
Error: Constant not found: PTRACE_EVENT_VFORK_DONE
Error: Constant not found: PTRACE_EVENT_EXIT
PTRACE_GETREGS enumerator has value 10 instead of expected 12
UPDATE TypeMember Set TMvalue=12 WHERE TMid=220408 ;
PTRACE_SETREGS enumerator has value 11 instead of expected 13
UPDATE TypeMember Set TMvalue=13 WHERE TMid=220409 ;
PTRACE_GETFPREGS enumerator has value 12 instead of expected 14
UPDATE TypeMember Set TMvalue=14 WHERE TMid=220410 ;
PTRACE_SETFPREGS enumerator has value 13 instead of expected 15
UPDATE TypeMember Set TMvalue=15 WHERE TMid=220411 ;
PTRACE_ATTACH enumerator has value 14 instead of expected 16
UPDATE TypeMember Set TMvalue=16 WHERE TMid=220412 ;
PTRACE_DETACH enumerator has value 15 instead of expected 17
UPDATE TypeMember Set TMvalue=17 WHERE TMid=220413 ;
PTRACE_GETFPXREGS enumerator has value 16 instead of expected 18
UPDATE TypeMember Set TMvalue=18 WHERE TMid=220414 ;
PTRACE_SETFPXREGS enumerator has value 17 instead of expected 19
UPDATE TypeMember Set TMvalue=19 WHERE TMid=220415 ;
PTRACE_SYSCALL enumerator has value 18 instead of expected 24
UPDATE TypeMember Set TMvalue=24 WHERE TMid=220416 ;
PTRACE_SETOPTIONS enumerator has value 19 instead of expected 16896
UPDATE TypeMember Set TMvalue=16896 WHERE TMid=220417 ;
PTRACE_GETEVENTMSG enumerator has value 20 instead of expected 16897
UPDATE TypeMember Set TMvalue=16897 WHERE TMid=220418 ;
PTRACE_GETSIGINFO enumerator has value 21 instead of expected 16898
UPDATE TypeMember Set TMvalue=16898 WHERE TMid=220419 ;
PTRACE_SETSIGINFO enumerator has value 22 instead of expected 16899
UPDATE TypeMember Set TMvalue=16899 WHERE TMid=220420 ;
10 tests passed out of 37 tests in sys/ptrace.h

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