[lsb-discuss] list of undocumented interfaces: LSB 4.1 spec beta

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Fri Oct 29 09:55:20 PDT 2010

I've put a page on the wiki:


which currently contains all the interfaces that spec
generation ends up reporting have no documentation.
For the c++ interfaces, I fed those through the demangler
to also include the unmangled name.

I'm not sure that all of these are actually
"undocumented", it may be that some of the
database linkages simply aren't right.

The "undocumented" status of Xrender/Xft is
not something new, and we know some of the libstdc++
interfaces are and will remain "undocumneted".

If anybody's got comments on anything here that's
surprising (and note that some of these are in 
covered in existing bugs, I just haven't done
the correlation - e.g. the robust mutex ones are
going to be little stubs that reference the
POSIX documentation for the corresponding function)
please let us know - here or comment in the wiki

We'll continue to use this page for tracking spec
review issues, although there should always be a
bug as well for real problems.

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