[lsb-discuss] Draft of Released Notes for 4.1

silakov at ispras.ru silakov at ispras.ru
Wed Feb 23 08:16:33 PST 2011

> Release notes for LSB 4.1 are now published on the wiki:
> http://www.linuxfoundation.org/en/ReleaseNotes41
> Please review and follow up with commentary, or edit the notes directly
> if you prefer.

Probably we should mention C++ symbols added in bug 2903

Also note that there is a little ambiguity on Navigator's statistics page
- one can see a set of interfaces (pam* and png* symbols) withdrawn in
4.1, but at the same time these interfaces are listed as added in 4.1. The
thing is that in 4.1, we've added version information for these symbols
(e.g., now we have png_process_data at PNG12_0 instead of simple
png_process_data). Navigator currently treats this as exclusion of symbol
w/o version and inclusion of 'versioned' symbol. This is not completely
correct, hopefully we'll fix this in near future.


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