[lsb-discuss] Updates to 4.0

Craig.Scott at csiro.au Craig.Scott at csiro.au
Tue Jun 7 18:04:28 PDT 2011

In the minutes from the meeting on 1st June, there is this statement:

"Question remains whether we do another 4.0 update after this one, since 4.1 is out and we usually try to "maintain" only the latest released plus the one we're developing for."

I'm curious what this means in practice. Wearing my ISV cap, I would want to build against the oldest LSB version that provides the features my software needs. This gives it the widest possible set of distributions it should run on. Does the above statement apply to distributions, or does it also apply to things like bugfixes to the SDK? I would have expected that if any problems were identified in the SDK which would affect people building with a LSB 4.0 target version, then these problems should still get fixed.

Dr Craig Scott
Computational Software Engineering Team Leader, CSIRO (CMIS)
Melbourne, Australia

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