[lsb-discuss] library uplifts for 5.0

Denis Silakov silakov at ispras.ru
Fri Jun 10 23:37:08 PDT 2011

We should not forget that for some libraries (e.g. nss/nspr) LSB 
includes only a minimalistic set of symbols. Some symbols were not 
included not because they were bad candidates, but due to absence of 
docs/tests/time/... . For some libraries it can make sense to add more 
'old' symbols prior to uplift.

Navigator's Futures Tracker only displays new symbols (absent in LSB 4.1 
target systems, present LSB 5.0 targets). For example, for nspr it says 
'no new symbols'; this is correct, but we know that there are some 'old' 
symbols that would be nice to add 

On 06/11/11 03:46, Stew Benedict wrote:
> I've gone ahead and tried to pull together some data with regards to the
> state of LSB library versions vs distributions (still in process), if
> people want to have a look, make suggestions, changes, etc. for the
> discussion for LSB 5.0 tasks:
> http://www.linuxfoundation.org/en/LSB_Wiki/Uplift_Target

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