[lsb-discuss] Time-based release for LSB 5.0 (sorta)

Robert Schweikert rschweikert at novell.com
Mon Jun 13 07:49:43 PDT 2011

On 06/13/2011 10:27 AM, Jeff Licquia wrote:
> On 06/07/2011 03:20 PM, Robert Schweikert wrote:
>> Confused, first you say "no planning" then you say "plan as in previous
>> releases". These appear to be opposing statements.
> Sorry, not clear.  I meant we need to plan for the "gotta do this time"
> stuff, and not necessarily for the others.
>> IMHO we should go about it the following way.
>> 1.) Make our list of priority 1 items that need to be in 5.0 or it's not
>> worth releasing
>> 2.) Prioritize a "nice to have list"
>> 3.) Estimate the time it will take use to get all features in 1.) done
>> plus some fudge factor to accommodate issues discovered along the way.
>> After step 3 is done we have our target release date.
> I suppose my question would be: this sounds like what we've always done
> before.  How does it make an on-time release more likely?

IMHO, our previous release delay had 2 major contributors:

1.) scope creep

For 4.1 we had a much better handle on this and avoided the "this is 
nice lets also include it" problem

2.) focus

For 4.1, as discussed during the F2F we came to the conclusion that we 
were not very focused on driving towards the goals and having well 
defined goals.

I believe, if we avoid scope creep and have well defined goals when we 
do our time estimation we will hit our targets.


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