[lsb-discuss] LSB 4.2 Project Plan, Rollup bug

Denis Silakov silakov at ispras.ru
Wed Mar 9 01:11:28 PST 2011

>> (3) libtiff is a particularly useful library for the imaging community
>> (and it is not a small community - just think of the medical imaging
>> field for starters). The tiff format is one of the more commonly used
>> and some of their image sizes are huge. Computation on these images is
>> also often very intensive, hence the use of linux is relatively common
>> in this field from what I understand (definitely the case on the
>> research side anyway). Unfortunately, I think some distros use different
>> soname versions to others which is making the current situation somewhat
>> dicey if your app links to libtiff. Having LSB define a spec for libtiff
>> would certainly clarify and simplify things. There's a good chance that
>> a symlink for the correct sonamed lib would be the remedy for systems
>> that differed from whatever the LSB spec ended up stating.

Indeed, libtiff sonames can be different in different systems, but it
seems that there is no real difference in API between such different
sonames. Once we've touched this question in launchpad, though there was
no reaction:



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