[lsb-discuss] LSB SDK Availability

Robert Schweikert rjschwei at suse.com
Mon Nov 28 14:15:15 UTC 2011

On 11/27/2011 07:20 PM, mark.eaton at rsa.com wrote:
> Hi, I’ve been using the LSB SDK to develop our crypto toolkits on across
> the various platforms for a number of years, but lately we have had
> comments from source customers that they are unable to obtain the SDK to
> use. The download page on the website has no links to the actual
> packages and if by some change you find a link to the ftp site it always
> gives temporarily unavailable messages. This combined with the fact that
> the lsbcc shipped with the latest versions of Ubuntu doesn’t actually
> work with the versions of gcc they ship (I’m unsure of other distro’s
> but it seems to be a common problem) means that people can’t actually
> use the LSB for development.
> Is this a known issue?

Yes, the Linux Foundation infrastructure (including LSB sites) was 
compromised a while back. For quite some time even the mailing list was 

> And is it something that will be fixed?

Eventually everything will be back online. Unfortunately this has 
already taken way too long, but there is no time line.

> Our team is trying to support approximately 50 platforms and the LSB
> helps tremendously by allowing us to only build a 32 and a 64 bit linux
> package but at this point I can’t see any option but to move back to
> trying to build packages for Redhat, SuSE and Ubuntu separately.

You can always try the LSB tool chain distributed with another distro, 
openSUSE comes to mind ;)

You can also setup an instance of OBS (Open Build Service) and let it 
crank out the packages ofr multiple distributions for you.


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