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Sat Nov 26 22:11:05 UTC 2011

difference is more GUI goop in Enterprise; particular version 
being used in SLES 11's stock shipped variant

For more info, see:

The instance that LSB will run is distinct from that used by 
the LF, so there should not be cross-pollution effects from 
some unknown change at LF's version

Puppet ACL model leverages off the commit rights a person has 
into the VCS, and does not layer in a new model

herrold added devops category to bugzilla, but most bugs 
probably belong against the component to be managed...

licquia: bug 3290 is the keystone bug for the web presence

3289 ?? missed comments

3292 certification system is mostly up; no known issues atm

3295 ISPRAS wiki bringup -- not started

3296 manifest infrastrucure bringup ; old infra was on 
GreenGoblin, in Flint's (of ISPRAS) home dir, not under VCS, 
and so a poor solution; content has been pulled out of backup 
images, and is in process into VCS.  stew: this may be in 
distribution-checker bzr, licquia to check
  mwichmann: please update bugs with any new information 
presented here

3297 missing mail issue related to mailing list infra ?

3204 bug is self explanatory; solution given is usually: use 
the latest, but we need to recognize that the last in a series 
needs to be maintained and acessible

3305 bugzilla doco build still not figured out; low priority; 
for the present, turn off the doco links, and leave the bug 
open to badger for a fix

3324 the mailman at lists. is receiving bugzilla content, but 
not passing it along

3325 LSB package repositories - no progress yet

3328 gobby --- setup is a devops opportunity; current infra is 
on SLES VM, and the one Russ set up is from Fedora

3329 IRC svcs registered with freenode; we forgot to use 
#lsb-meeting and Stew's IRC meeting bot running on his 
hardware; again move to LSB infra and into puppet
3328/3329 are about deciding what the meeting procedure is, 
setting up archiving, etc.

side discussion again of the need to be docoing

3330 redundancy needs to wait for initial turn up to be 
completed; devops and puppet should address this; Mats' 
navigator differs from official largely only in the DB setup; 
we may need a side bug to support a non localhost DB server

3331 this is really old content, but some IS still live, and 
so this needs to be solved; esp: appbat procedures document; 
so restore [it is already in BZR], and then prune it down

then not in the blocker list: 3332 keystone for LSB internal 
development workflow

so next week, discuss 	3298 3325 3333

conference bridge dumping people again

Next meeting:
   25 Jan 2012 11:00 to noon, US ET

Otherwise, same bat time, same bat channel

This document: LSB minutes 20120118.txt

-- Russ herrold

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