[lsb-discuss] request for meeting topic addition -- 'getting started in the LSB project'

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Thu Apr 12 16:56:15 UTC 2012

One take-away from the meeting last week was that there were 
too many tasks, not able to be able to be decomposed into 
small enough pieces to be attainable in the timeboxing that a 
useable LSB 5.0 release will require

.. and the week before, dialling into the Colab Summit 
session, I was hopeful that the modularization work would 
permit extension of module sub-sets to smaller Linux 
installations -- mobile devices (phones and tablets); 
re-flashed niche arch (ARM and other) routers, repurposed -- 
use case: ones that will NEVER have a local printer attached, 
and yet may want to generate graphical output images for 
rendering into tangible / viewable form; and so forth .. 
indeed devices with so little 'local RW store' that the 
products running on them do not resembple traditional 
'distributions', but rather 'binary images' possibly build 
externally to the device itself, and transferred in via JTAG, 
or micro SD card, or across a network interface ...

If we are to ge there, as one in IRC has noted:
 	... the "how can people contribute to LSB" question will
 	also have to be addressed one of these days.
 	Our hurdles are too high

I had started my 'unofficial' minutes to try to provide a 
window for mailing list subscribers [how many are there, btw?] 
into the play by play of LSB process weekly; I probably need 
to start publicizing them, and pointing out 'tid-bits' to the 
local Linux / FOSS press, so we attract people to drop in and 

(this is different than the pieces on: USING the LSB, and 
testing to it -- dunno that these do not need work as well, 
post k.o hack, but that is for another day)

But it would be useful to thrash this through in the call, to 
see what else we should be doing, and start writing wiki and 
other commo to show how one CAN start to 'eat this elephant' 
without such efforts eating up all forward progress

... add to next week's proposed agenda, please


-- Russ herrold

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