[lsb-discuss] Python 3

Denis Silakov dsilakov at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 03:45:42 UTC 2012

On 04/18/2012 01:46 AM, Jeff Licquia wrote:
>   - Getting lsbappchk-python working with Python 3.  We could have a
> completely separate lsbappchk-python3, or adapt the current code to
> switch modes depending on what the actual script seems to call.  Time: 1
> week (or is that too optimistic?  we'll have the lists of modules from a
> previous task)
This heavily depends on implementation details. If our current 
implementation (our version of ModuleFinder) will work with python3 
modules, then 1 day would be enough to 'develop' lsbappchk-python3 (or 
just add a new option for the existing one). If existing implementation 
doesn't work for some reason, we can just adopt implementation of 
ModuleFinder from python3 (the module is still there and no plans to 
deprecate/drop it). Iirc, adoption of ModuleFinder from python2 was 
quite easy. So I think '1 week' estimation is reasonable for this task.

>   - Tweak App Checker's direct Python checks to detect and work with
> Python 3.  This appears to be the "utils/interpreted
> languages/analyze_python.py" script.  Time: 2 days.
Yes, it is analyze_python.py that should be updated. It uses the same 
algorithm as lsbappchk-python, so 1-2 days seems to be a reasonable 


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