[lsb-discuss] bzr vs. git (was Re: Unofficial LSB conference call minutes (2012-04-18, 11 to noon))

Jeff Licquia licquia at linuxfoundation.org
Thu Apr 19 16:24:46 UTC 2012

On 04/18/2012 05:56 PM, Craig Scott wrote:
> Using bzr instead of svn or git was definitely a negative for me that
> discouraged me from exploring any further. If you aren't using a tool
> used by the majority, then the majority won't be inclined to get
> involved. ;)  Just my $0.02 

It's worth noting that, at the time the decision was made, bzr looked a
lot more mature than git.  There was even a data-corruption bug in git
around 2006 or so.

Of course, times change.  Converting between any of the distributed VCS
systems is basically tedious: convert the repos, publish the repos,
update our infrastructure to use the new repos, that sort of thing.
They all ultimately have the same data model underneath.

The other thing that makes me hesitate, though, is that bzr is
considered a lot easier to use than git.  Maybe that's not a factor
anymore, since everyone's doing git.
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