[lsb-discuss] Unofficial LSB conference call minutes (2012-04-25, 11 to noon)

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Wed Apr 25 16:29:04 UTC 2012

LSB teleconference

Wednesday, 25 Apr 2012 @11:00 to noon, US ET

 	(605) 715-4920 Access Code: 512468

 	gobby -j lsb-temp.pmman.net:6522 with passwd: LSB

IRC channels are:
 	#lsb-meeting at freenode.net during meetings
 	#lsb at freenode.net most other times

prior meetbot minutes:
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THIS meeting's meetbot minutes:
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this resolved)

in the form : name (organization)  [irc_nick]
Mats Wichmann (Intel)  mwichmann
Russ Herrold (Owl River)  orc_emac
Darren Davis (SuSE)
Jeff Licquia (LF)  licquia
Robert Schweikert (SuSE)  robjo
Stew Benedict (LF)  stewb
Rick Troth (Velocity Software) rickt

Alan Clark (SuSE)  AlanClark
Jiri Dluhos (SUSE)  jdluhos
Kay Tate (SuSE)  ktate
Alexey Khoroshilov (ISP RAS)  Alexey

Denis Silakov (ROSA Labs)  denis_silakov
Glen Petrie (Epson)

Posted Agenda:
  - Results of weekly experiments with adding libraries, and 
other LSB 5
  - Continuation of "Getting Started" discussion.

New business:

Meeting opens at 11:00 with:

  - LSB 5.0 -- adding libraries; some recent historical 
reliance on ISPRAS, and good stuff happened out of sight. 
Going forward, with the change in resources, this needs to be 
less of a black box, and the process handled locally

Jeff finds that the process of adding libraries is somewhat 
fragile, and fowkflow is hurt by disruptions.  Stew notes that 
some 'remembered' rather than documented process involved 
(re-familiarizing with the database operations).  Denis has 
been helpful here.  Stew mentions a particular typemember 
addition problem as to a range of values.  Six hours for 14 
interfaces over two or three days for adding one library

Jeff kept notes about adding: libncursesw, and went through 
his notes, and sees some opaque messages and opportunities for 
improvement, found some doco links found that are still dead. 
Some duplicate entries are creeping into the database 
(implying a foreign key check failing, or missing? -- a 
clean-up or audit tool comes to mind).  The database 
connection also fails with an unfriendly message; improvement 
needed here.  He'll post to the list

The process is demanding on the C reading skills of the person 
driving the tool; there exists an intermediate product 
directory which 'header2db' uses --- perhaps this content can 
be annotated to provide hints to read before turning the tool 
loose to database commits

Mats looks at: libtodb2/00INSTRUCTIONS  which may need work 
(i.e., to fit in an 80 char terminal).  But one takeaway, is 
that it is hard to approach, and so he looks forward to Jeff's 
notes and bug filings. Suggest a pass of reconciling notes, 
wiki page, and this document

Question comes up: do we have an open license 'pax' that meets 
the specification requirements (essentially, "as specified by 

  - Getting Started

  Russ: I posted an email linkfarm after last week's call; 
attracting folks is another topic

Call ends at local Noon

Weekly Bug triage:
The bug tracker is at:
irc-only #lsb-meeting at freenode.net
Thurs at 10:00 Eastern
Bugzilla stats as of 25 Apr: 502 open (499 assigned, 2 new, 1 
pleasetest) 501 open last week
New last 90 days: 142, last 30: 21; closed last 90: 107, last 
30: 20
Changed this week: 22, last week: 23

Bugs that are assigned but have no milestone: 274
Rollup bugs: 23

last week's bug triage minutes:

How to get involved:
  - join the mailing list
  - register for a bugzilla account (free)
  - join and lurk in the IRC channel
  - dial into the weekly call
  - join in the edit of the weekly minutes in the gobby
    Free gobby clients available at:
  - join bug triage and resolution
  - review patches at the ReviewBoard
  - document matter in the wiki
    (requires LF web account to edit, free)


Next meeting:
  2 May 2012 11:00 to noon, US ET

gobby unofficial minutes are open for edit for at least 15 min 
after each call, and then issued into the mailing list

This document: LSB minutes 20120425.txt

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