[lsb-discuss] Followup on my rant / LSB direction

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Wed Jan 25 17:13:10 UTC 2012

After some discussion, it's become clear that it's up to us, the non-LF
employee contributors, to drive the discussion on LSB technical content and
related issues, while Jeff is heads-down trying to get the infrastructure
back, which there was no intent to say was not a prime task, just not one
that's very productive for us "outsiders" to talk about on the call.

Rather than belaboring the point, let's point to the now resurrected wiki
and suggest we can hold there an analysis of evolving Linux industry needs
and how the existing LSB 5.0 roadmap does or does not fit into that
environment.  I'm hereby requesting an agenda slot for next week's call on
this topic.


you'll see there's already some information there, and Robert Schweikert
has volunteered to begin the analysis - expect to hear a bit more from him

wikis are a pretty good way for the community to edit a topic page; but if
we need something more real-time to work on a document, there is also a
collaborative editor (gobby/sobby) that we can fire up for an editing


-- mats
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