[lsb-discuss] OT Thoughts on LSB ISO standard

Andrew Josey ajosey at opengroup.org
Fri Jul 27 05:46:13 UTC 2012

This is off the main topic...

To address the one point below about the df utility output

The df behaviour switches on POSIXLY_CORRECT to 512 bytes.
Perhaps there is a misconception that the standard requires that to be the
only behaviour, whereas the standard is about providing a portability environment
for applications, it could be the default environment or require some environment 
setup as in this case with the GNU utilities (some systems require specific
file systems to be used or kernel parameters set for a POSIX conforming

Some background on POSIX standardization is available in the paper at:

On 26 Jul 2012, at 23:45, Theodore Ts'o wrote:


> After all, df still prints its output in units of kilobytes by default
> despite the POSIX requirement of 512 byte sectors, and if you look at
> the success of Linux versus the legacy Unix systems, the blatent
> violation of the International Standard hasn't hurt Linux or slowed
> its adoption.  Heck, AIX and Solaris ended up adding a Linux
> compatibility layer; they changed to meet Linux, not the other way
> around.

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