[lsb-discuss] Thoughts on LSB ISO standard

Robert Schweikert rjschwei at suse.com
Tue Jul 31 00:11:56 UTC 2012

On 07/29/2012 07:41 AM, Keld Simonsen wrote:
> Based on Ted's writings below, it seems like the normal PAS route is not the
> way to go. It seems to complicated and expensive and dangerous. My best
> judgement is that The Linux Foundation, given the choice to do this, would
> refuse to do it. But probably we should investigate what their opinion is,
> that would only be prudent.
> OTOH, the situation is different now. We do have an ISO standard, and
> from the point of view of SC22 we do have to maintain that standard.

Why do we have to maintain it?

Why can we not just get rid of it or let it lapse and be done with this?

> There is some positve attitude from the LSB group to help with
> this process,

Sorry I missed the last call.... ;)

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