[lsb-discuss] Where do I find the information on "proper format for integration with LSB"

Stew Benedict stewb at linuxfoundation.org
Tue Jul 31 18:34:09 UTC 2012

On 07/31/2012 01:35 PM, Petrie, Glen wrote:
> All
> In connection with SANE integration in LSB 5.0, there needs to be a 
> test suite.   The SANE Library has a test suite for the library; 
> however, the request in the LSB documentation (see below) is for a 
> test suite that is proper formatted for integration into the LSB test 
> suite.
> Since I have not integrated with LSB before, can someone point me to 
> the "instructions" or a very good example of a proper formatted test suite
Ideally what we'd like are at least "Normal Tests" -  
http://ispras.linuxbase.org/index.php/LSB_Tests, that exercise the 
interfaces we've included both for normal behavior and error conditions. 
Sometimes upstream tests don't test quite as deeply as we'd like, but we 
have adapted upstream tests in the past, acknowledging that at least 
we're touching the interfaces a bit.

The other requirement is generation of a TET journal. If the upstream 
test has some sort of harness, it's usually not too hard to integrate a 
patch to generate TET journals instead of the normal output. If it's a 
series of standalone test binaries with no harness, this becomes a 
little more cumbersome, unless you can come up with a way to wrap things.

Some sort of wrapper script that runs the test, gets any needed user 
input, copies the journals to the "normal" places, etc. Most of the 
tests have a "run_tests" script that does these things. This is mostly 
for manual testing at the command line.

Finally, there would be a perl module for dist-checker that manages the 
test in that environment.

Our current tests are a mixed bag of things written from scratch to use 
TET, the t2c, azov, and olver technologies that ISP/RAS came up with, 
and upstream tests adapted for our use. A couple of examples of adapted 
upstream tests in C might be the xml and cairo tests in the desktop-test 

(see the cairo patches and the spec file)

There are also shell, perl, python APIs for TET. The printing test does 
a bit with the shell version, and the appchk-perl, appchk-python are a 
couple of examples for those languages. (The distribution tests for perl 
and python are not great examples)

(see testgs, testfoomaticrip)

Maybe too much info, but I haven't looked at the upstream sane tests to 
see where they might fit into the possibilities. If you get some idea of 
a general direction to go from the above, feel free to ping me and 
hopefully I can help get you going in a direction that will work out.

Stew Benedict
Linux Foundation

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